November 5, 2019

I am running for Mayor because I want to make Kingston a better place. This city needs a business person to run it. Born and bred in Kingston, I am that businessman who wants to do all I can for the community- not for a political party- I want to see the city thrive. I am running to serve all parties on the SAM line to put people over politics..

  • Here’s your chance to tip the balance of power back to you — the residents of Kingston.
  • Our city’s mayor has not lowered your taxes but uses your tax money to create unnecessary jobs. 
  • You pay high taxes so that the Mayor can pursue Don Quixote-like pet projects like buying Planet Wings for almost $400,000 more than its Assessed Land Value to take it OFF the tax rolls!
  • Our mayor has squandered millions from our emergency savings.  Should an economic emergency strike, we will be left in the red and taxes will have to be raised.
  • Kingston has over 40 percent of the County’s low income housing units, and the mayor wants more homeless housing.  This will increase your taxes.  What we need instead are programs to help working people buy a home, which will in turn increase our tax base.
  • We need to develop creative property tax strategies that will lower rents for those paying more than 30% of their income towards rent.
  • I promise to focus on attracting private-sector jobs, balancing the budget, and enabling a reduction in your property taxes. 

Join me in returning Kingston back to its People.

– Vince Rua


Now is the time to take back the power and return it to the residents of Kingston.

Vince Rua’s mission is to restore and improve Kingston for all of its residents.

Vince's Key Initiatives

Beautify Kingston

Build and restore the historic glory of our city

Build Business

Attract new business, drive tourism, and promote arts and culture

Restore infrastructure

Fix pot hole-laden streets, broken-down sidewalks, and crumbling water & sewer system

Reduce Taxes

Balancing the budget, increasing tourism, and delivering new private-sector jobs will will result in lower taxes

Social and Environmental Activism

Slow down CSX train-bombs barreling thru our city, create a Land Trust to enable programs which make real estate wealth-building opportunities available to veterans and lower income families, develop a NEW Kingston Youth Build program to engage younger youth as well as teenagers in sports, making better use of our existing parks and other recreational facilities.

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