Vince’s Vision for Kingston

As a Kingston resident, who was raised in Kingston, Vince has a vision that addresses his concerns with the three Economic Districts of the city. Read on for details!


Uptown is poised to take off as a tourist destination! The new boutique hotels, The Kingstonian, and plans for 4-5 Star restaurants, make Uptown Kingston our City’s Tourism launching point…but this requires marketing and focus. Vince Rua’s campaign proposes re-directing payroll spent on Communication’s role to Marketing, with a focus on Uptown tourism!

Top left– Did you know Kingston is home to the oldest four corners in America?  We are a special place!
Top right-Kingston was NY’s First Capitol. The Constitution of the United States is based on New York State’s Constitution, and was drafted in Kingston!
Bottom Left– This renovation of the former bank/Tonner Doll headquarters will be a charming new boutique hotel.  Uptown Kingston is ready for tourists. We want them to visit our city!   Tourism helps create jobs, and brings much needed revenue to Kingston!
Bottom Right– We need to beautify Kingston with a thoughtful eye to determining the true need of permanent eyesores in our historic districts.

Tenants’ Rights– We need to study the impact unregulated Airbnb growth has had on workforce housing in cities like Hudson and pass legislation protecting our existing housing stock.


MidTown is poised to be Kingston’s Center for Arts and Culture. Remaining buildings and property such as the former King’s Inn should be repurposed in a manner that is consistent with this theme.

Top left– Planet Wings will be replaced with a gorgeous, new building, approved by our Historic Agencies, in character with my old neighborhood, and full of people and jobs!
Top right– Mike Piazza’s rehabbed Shirt Factory, provides affordable housing for artists.
Bottom left– UPAC is MidTown’s cultural gem.
Bottom right– Former Kings Inn, next to UPAC is, currently being proposed by our current Mayor for homeless housing! This is NOT consistent with our City’s Comprehensive Plan!  We need WORKFORCE housing!

Environmental Concerns– We need to slow down CSX trains barreling through the heart of our City carrying toxic chemicals.  I will advocate for “quiet crossings” which will slow down these potential bomb trains!


Kingston’s Downtown including its under-marketed Industrial Park offers us substantial growth potential for further developing Kingston into an arts, tech and financial hub. Available vacant lots  and buildings, creative re-use of Kingston’s famous caves & quarries combined with exploration of new manufacturing needed for the expected legalization of hemp products and potential for hydroponic growth of medical marijuana provide Kingston’s Economic Development Director with unlimited opportunities to attract new entrepreneurial enterprises to Kingston!

Top left– Guido’s Mariner’s Harbor, Savona’s, Ship-to-Shore, Ole Savanah’s…some of Kingston’s premier restaurants.
Top Right– Tall, historic ships on waterfront at Hudson River Maritime Museum.
Bottom Left– This former place of worship is now an upscale apartment building renovated by Mike Piazza.

Bottom Right- Scenic Hudson is considering the purchase of 500 acres on the River.  I am proposing  new housing initiative:  “AFFORDABLE +”.  I would work with Scenic Hudson and perhaps a NEW Land Co-op to carve out 50-100 acres to be used for micro homes for our vets and those with below median income levels to begin some wealth sharing for many otherwise locked out…but combine with other demographic groups including those with physical disabilities, as well as market rate housing and possibly a water-side Luxury Spa connected to the Point, to enable scores of people to enjoy this new parkland, create new jobs, and attack Kingston’s affordable housing challenges.

A true private, public, non-profit partnership could achieve these goals.  I would work with our State representatives to advocate for NYS incentives to help with this project.  This type of multi-use development has been touted in Europe and could work in Kingston with our unique waterfront setting!

Combined with my rent control proposal (which includes having larger developers convert 20% of their existing units into “affordable” housing by changing rent levels to coincide with 30% of a tenant’s income)  my density housing plans (incentivizing developers to build 100 unit complexes as needed with 50% “affordable” housing by offering “homestead” tax rates vs. “non-homestead” saving the developer $20/thousand),  Kingston gets NEW tax revenue, new “affordable housing” combined with new market rate housing all set in one all-inclusive environment.

This is the only complete housing plan being offered by any candidate for Mayor!


Kingston has ample parks and facilities that are under-utilized.  Born out of experiences throughout my life with the positive impact of sports on our youth, I envision a new Kingston Youth Mentoring Program.  Working with KHS Varsity coaches from all sports, our Recreation Department will develop year-round programs to more fully engage our youth in sports , providing robust feeder programs for our High School athletic programs.  My examples are only of basketball simply because I am most familiar with these facilities.

At one of my first listening tours, young millennials spoke of a friend who passed away after a popular skateboard park closed- the friend had no where to go sadly.  With over 250 acres of parkland, why can’t we build one in each quadrant of the City?

Top left– Block Park basketball courts…always empty!
Top right– Loughran Park…same
Lower left-KHS Field House- plenty of availability for such programs
Lower right– Andy Murphy Center- where there is a will, there is a way!